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Introduction to Plasma

Plasma technology – endless possibilities

1. What is plasma?

When matter is continually supplied with energy, its temperature increases and it goes from the solid through the liquid to the gaseous state. If the energy input is continued, the atomic shell breaks down and charged particles are created (negatively charged electrons and positively charged ions. This mixture is referred to as plasma or the "fourth state of matter".

Briefly: Change of state as energy is added:

solid ⇒ liquid ⇒ gas⇒ plasma

In nature, plasma can be found for example in lightning, auroras, flames and the sun. Artificially produced plasma is found in neon tubes, during welding and in flash bulbs, among others.

2. For what purposes can Diener Electronic plasma systems be utilized?

Plasma is used in areas where it matters; to bond materials together, or to change their surface properties to suit your needs. It is possible to modify virtually any surface with this pioneering technology. It therefore offers numerous applications, for example

Precision cleaning of small and micro-components

Activation of plastic parts before gluing, painting, etc.

Etching and partial removal of various materials such as PTFE, photoresist, etc.

Coating of components with PTFE-like coatings, barrier coatings, hydrophobic and hydrophilic coatings, friction reducing coatings etc.

Plasma technology has established itself in all areas of industry, and new applications are constantly evolving and new applications are constantly evolving.

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